Welcome to webSTAIR.

Skills Training in Affective and Interpersonal Regulation

What STAIR is

STAIR is a therapy program for people who are struggling with the after effects of trauma. STAIR helps by teaching skills that improve coping with one’s emotions and navigating interpersonal relationships.

webSTAIR is a free, self-help program based on the STAIR approach. It can be helpful for a range of people living with the aftermath of trauma, posttraumatic stress, and/or related concerns. You can log into and learn skills from webSTAIR any time and place that is convenient, at home or on the run. Although webSTAIR is open for self-guided work, if you have a therapist or coach, you can also bring what you learn from the program to your work in the therapy room and vice versa.

Please note that webSTAIR is currently only being used at select VA Health Care Systems in the country. An open version will be launched in the future and will be linked to on this page.

If you’re looking for the questionnaires for the program evaluation of webSTAIR, please click here.